Payment Help

As long as all content has been submitted and all tasks are completed payments are processed 30 days post live date. 

Please reach out to your CM listed in your instructions prior to accepting or declining. The CM will be able to confirm your payment. It is best to do this as soon as you notice the discrepancy on the accept the campaign page.

Once the campaign is wrapped, any payment concerns would go to this email: [email protected] Include your full name, campaign name, and any other applicable information.

Your CM will not have access to this information. For assistance in updating or confirming bank info please reach out to [email protected] and include your full name as it is in Social Fabric along with any other applicable information.

First, contact your CM. You can find this email in your instructions for that campaign or in an email you would have received during the campaign. If they are unable to assist they will forward on the info for further review.