Story Frames With Links: Best Practices and FAQs

If your campaigns required a story with a link that means that at least one frame, whether it be a video or photo, will feature the campaign link. You will be provided the unique link for you from your CM prior to going live. There are a variety of links that we provide our clients. 

Add to Cart: This unique link allows your audience to the client on the link and the products you are featuring will go right to their cart. They do not automatically purchase. They still have to go through the purchase process, but it will cart them so they do not need to search online for your recommended products.

Add to Card: This would be a link with an offer that is added digitally.

Product links: This could be a link that goes directly to the product on a specific retailer’s website. 

Important Instructions:

  • You must include a clear call to action in text or sticker manually placed on the story frame. 
  • Do not go searching for a link online. Only use the unique link that your CM sent you.
  • You may not alter or shorten your link in any way. 
  • You can make the text overlay custom. Here is a tutorial to help you do that
  • This text could be your call to action as well if you use something like “Click here to purchase” or “Buy Now”.

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