October Content Calendar

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We are so excited to share a free monthly calendar for October2022 to help assist our community in scheduling content for the month. Planning up your content at the beginning of the Month will save so much time. When planning ahead you can also know what organic stories or videos will be popular on any given day. We hope that this will help you as you create your content.

Celebrate monthly initiatives like Breast Cancer Awareness Month and enjoy unique days like Chocolate Cupcake day!

How to use it as a PDF:

  • Click this link and download the image as a PDF file.
  • Open the PDF
  • Make edits– Add your own text, highlight days, etc.

Below is an example of editing your calendar on a Mac. Window or other Processors may be different. But you can still make edits to make it custom for you!

  • Click on the Marker image. This is also called the Markup.
  • It will enable a Markup toolbar shown below with options to add shapes, text, colors, etc.
  • To add your additional themes you can click on the square with the A in it. This will add a text box as shown below in Red.
  • You can add your text and move this box to your desired date.
  • You can edit the text as shown below from the Markup toolbar.
  • Now you can add your own themes or content notes.
  • Save as you go!

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