How to Use Letter Accents on Your Mac

Did you know you can easily add accents on your Mac computer?

You can add accents to any vowel simply by using the letter key on your keyboard. Here’s how to do it:

  • Select the vowel you want to add an accent to. This works for a,e,i,o,u, and y. 
  • Press and hold the letter key that you want to add an accent to until the menu pops up
  • Click the accent you want to use, or select using the numbers on your keyboard.
  • Keep typing! 

Check your Settings: 

If this is not working, and when you hold down a key you are getting a string of the same letter (eeee) then you may need to adjust your settings. Here’s how your settings should look: 

  • Select System Preferences using the gears icon
  • Select “Keyboard” and make sure you are looking at the “Keyboard” tab
  • Make sure your “Key Repeat” slider is set to “slow” but not off
  • Make sure your “Delay Until Repeat” is set to “short” 

Why does this matter?

There are a few situations where making sure the correct accent is included is really important. 

  • When writing a product name: we want to make sure the product and brand names are all correct, and this is the easiest way to add any accents you need from a Mac computer. (EX: Nestlé uses an accent over the last e in their brand name).
  • When writing a name: Addressing others in writing as their name should be shows both a level of care and respect. (EX: Noël has an accent over the e in their name).
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