How do I grow my Instagram – Part 2: Beyond The Basics


Welcome back to how to grow your Instagram. While it is a mystery sometimes, it is possible to grow! If you have not already done so go back and start with Part 1: The Basics


Did you do the things in Part 1? Did you do your test and collect your data? Now you can see your results and determine what to do next. As a refresher, to find your insights click on your Insights where you see the 3 lines in the top right. Select the timeframe you want to know more about at the top. 7 days, 14 days, etc. Then scroll down. You will see accounts reached, engaged, and total followers. If you click on any of these options you can learn more. 

  • Accounts reached: you will see your reach info(how many saw your post) This includes followers and none followers. Did you reach any non-followers?
  • Accounts engaged: This tells you about those who were engaged. It will show your most engaging content for the week. And tell you more about the people that were engaged. Note the kind of content that receives the most views. Type of photos (ex.  text, photos with you, photos in action, full tutorial or recipe video, a finished product with written tutorial or recipe, photos of landscape or nature)
  • Followers: This will show any change in the followers over the last week.  

Did you grow at all? If not, don’t worry. That was our first step! Don’t stop now! Now you can take that baseline info and use it to GROW! 

Use The Data

The content that got the most engagement in your test is a great place to start! Now you can start and grow from there.

Post Often and Consistently

According to a Tailwind study, profiles that post daily gain Instagram followers faster than those that post less frequently. With Instagram’s algorithmic, consistency is a key element to getting your posts seen. If your posts are shared on a regular basis and garner quality engagement, Instagram’s algorithm will likely show most of your content near the top of your followers’ feeds.

Never Buy Followers! Ever!

Buying  Instagram followers should always be avoided. The reason is simple. Buying Instagram followers results in ghost followers and low engagement, and puts your account at risk of getting banned from Instagram. There is no good outcome from purchasing followers.  Social Fabric always encourages organic and authentic growth and engagement. 

Try The Latest Offerings

Instagram rewards those who use its tools. So when a new feature is rolled out, try it! Don’t stop after 1 time. Try the new features for at least a week and see what the results are. You should see a boost in views from accounts outside your following and those can translate into new followers. 

Engage! Engage! Engage! 

When you engage with similar accounts you could see more engagement. Try to set aside 15 mins before posting and 15 mins after posing to truly engage with accounts. Go beyond just likes. Add meaningful comments. Start a conversation. Support and promote similar accounts by sharing relevant content in your stories and tagging the creator. Most of the time influencers will notice you and in some way reciprocate. And when you comment on others’ posts, you will be seen by their followers in the comments. If you are having a meaningful conversation they may come to check you out. Now you have gained new followers from like accounts. Supporting others is a win-win for all! 

This Weeks Challenge: 

  • Engage! 
  • Try new products and features- Reels, Live, Stickers, Polls, Videos – Something you have not tried before or is a NEW feature.
  • Post often and consistently. Shoot for 1 post a day for 30 days!
  • Use the results of the test from Part 1 and use that as a guide but build on it to test NEW things.

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