Campaign Instagram Story Drafts FAQ

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When your campaign has Instagram Stories you will see the requirement for story drafts. Below are some of the most common questions with answers to help during the draft process.

In the task requirements you will see:

DO NOT INCLUDE TEXT ON YOUR STORY DRAFTS: Put any text, calls to action, links, stickers, tags, etc. in the caption box. This allows the client to request edits without you having to do multiple edits.

What does this mean? 

This means to submit your video or image story as the image or photo without anything added to it. Anything that you plan to put on your story must be included in the caption box below the image in the draft submission screen. This includes anything and everything that you might add. Even something as simple as a smiley face or arrow to click the link could be an issue with the client so it must be noted in your caption. 

This is for your convenience. Many times edits are needed or changes are made in the draft stage.  If the client requests any edits you will have to be available to recreate and resubmit a new story frame. If you submit your story with anything extra on it you will possibly require multiple revisions. 

By putting it in the caption box the client can quickly and easily make requests and /or updates without you having to do anything. Instead, the client can make requests or edits in the caption section and send that back to you. This will allow you to make edits once, prior to going live. 

When the CM emails you that are approved to go live this does not always mean your content was approved as is and you can post exactly what you submitted. You must read the feedback first!

During the draft phase, edits may have been made including, but not limited to, removal of hashtags, removal of a tag, removal of text, and updated text. 

Please be sure to look at the caption box under the story draft that was approved before publishing your stories.

Please also look at any feedback that was left for you in Social Fabric. It may show at the top of the screen.

The feedback may also come in the form of an email from your CM.

You must make all edits prior to publishing!

This is because this image needs to be posted without the hashtags and/ or tags. They may have updated the tags or hashtags. Be sure to ONLY post what is in your caption box. 

Yes. AD should be on all frames for disclosure! If a video story spans several frames it should be added to each frame.

Always read your emails from your CM. This will be the most up-to-date instructions. Many times things change during the campaign and the email from your CM will call out any updates in the emails to you. When you get your go live or approval email be sure to read that email for any special instructions. This is the instruction that you will be asked to follow in your published content.

Please wait until you get your official approval from your CM via email. It will call out any specific or additional feedback and instructions regarding your content prior to publishing.

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If you ever have any questions no matter how small, please reach out to your CM for your campaign. They are always willing and able to help you navigate each step of the way! If you are having trouble finding their email you can find contact information here.

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