FAQs on Due Dates

Let’s talk about due dates!

I saw my post is approved, do I have to post by 12 EST on the date in the shop?
Can I post on a different day or later in the day because my audience is better at a certain time?

This will vary depending on the client and campaign. Please reach out to your CM prior to scheduling or going live. You must reach out prior to the due date. Do not wait until your due date. Special arrangements may be made to help engage your audience if you have prior approval. So please ask first. Otherwise, your content will be considered late at NOON EST on the due date assigned.

Due dates are set by the client. Sometimes they coincide with an offer or product launch. Sometimes they have a theme (Back to school, fall, etc.). There are many factors that go into these dates. This is why it is so important to note these dates when applying to be sure it works with your content calendar as well as your personal schedule. Some dates are not flexible.

  • Under your active campaigns, you will see your due dates in several sections. Your content, both draft, and live content are due by NOON EST on the due date assigned.
    • The dates will always be written in the posting. It is important to note these dates when applying to be sure it works with your content calendar and personal schedule.
    • You can find your GO LIVE due date in the details section to the right under the round.
    • You can also usually find your due date in your instructions.
    • There may be several dates you need to be aware of (draft due date, outline date, live date, etc.)
    • If you are unsure after checking all these sections please reach out to your CM.

You can find all dates for the campaign under the task section. It will show the date for each task. Examples below of a draft due date and a live due date.

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