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Applying to campaigns can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Have you ever wondered what that trick was to get a campaign? Well, there is not a trick, but there are some tips that we can share with you to help your application shine.

Are you a fit?

It is important to note that many times client is looking for someone very specific. When you read the campaign posting you will get an idea of what they are looking for. You will see things like special retailer enthusiasts, specific niche influencers, specific platform look or style, specific age or lifestyle, specific locations, and/or other demographical information. Be sure that you are a fit for what they are looking for before continuing the application process. Share all about you and your readers. Demonstrate how your platform fits the brand’s needs and is a fit for this campaign. Even if you think it is obvious, go ahead and spell it out.

Is this relevant to your audience? Why?

They may ask for you to submit a link to a relevant post. This is so they can get an idea of what to expect from you. Your example should be a post that closely matches the campaign you are applying for (beauty, food, tech, party, etc.). It should also showcase your photography skills. Large, clear photos have a significant impact during the selection process. Feel free to submit more than one link.

Answer all the questions!

Each question is asked for a reason! This is your time to shine! Be as specific and honest as possible. If you do not agree to the timing or location you would need to visit this needs to be clear upfront. If you have a brilliant and unique idea share it now!

Is Your Profile Current?

Is your profile completely filled out? Are your social channels connected? Before applying check your profile and make sure you do not have any alerts of items that need attention. Be sure all of your social channels show connected. Learn more about connecting your social channels here. If you are new to the platform start here to learn how to set up your profile.

Ideas Matter

When you see a question asking about your pitch this is your time to shine! Reference the posting again to see what the client is looking for. How can you make this unique and engaging? If it is for a recipe share how you will incorporate your recipe into an engaging post. If it is a lifestyle post, share your story and how it will come to life.

The question asks: Tell us why you are interested in this Opportunity and why we should select you to participate. What creative idea do you have to showcase this product to your readers?

I am interested in this Shoppertunity because the theme resonates with my reality. When school is back in session, I have to be really organized to keep everyone’s schedules in order and keep all the kids fed. Healthy snacks are also important to me- and we often have to snack on the go from school to activities. That means that I need quick and healthy options for snacks. I’d love to create a fun snack idea checklist with 5 ideas for snacks kids love to eat on the go. Ritz peanut butter with raisins and grapes, Ritz cheese with apple slices and carrots sticks, Ritz peanut butter with almonds and grapes, etc.

* This person shares why she is a fit for this brand. They are looking for moms on the go and she fits that description. She also shares in detail how she will highlight this product and how her tutorial will be done. We know exactly what she will be doing for this campaign and that it is a fit for the brand.

The question asks: What creative idea do you have to showcase this product to your readers? Please note, we are looking for influencers to create a lifestyle tutorial, not a DIY craft or tutorial.

I’ll have three kids starting school in August. It’s important that I stay on top of snacks and lunches. They all ask that I send them a lunch from home. So I’ll share “Three Easy Make-Ahead Lunch Ideas for School Kids”. Mornings are too crazy and we always run late if I try to put off the lunch-making until then. So I like to pack it the evening before and allow the kids to get in on the process. All will include RITZ Sandwich Crackers 1. Tortilla Roll-Ups with grapes and baby carrots 2. Lettuce Wraps with Rotisserie Chicken, hummus, cucumbers, and matchstick carrots 3. Easy Pizza Pasta Salad with cooked shells, pepperoni, bell peppers, olives, cubed mozzarella cheese tossed in pizza sauce from the jar. I’ll share how I like to make our mornings less hectic by prepping the lunches the evening before.

* This person shares why they are a fit for this campaign as well as how the product will be highlighted. The tutorial idea is clear and we can see how it will naturally fit with her lifestyle and site.

Question Asked: What creative idea do you have to showcase this product to your readers? Please note, we are looking for influencers to create a lifestyle tutorial, not a DIY craft or tutorial.

My kids are eating me out of house and home this summer, and since both will be in school next fall and both packing a lunch, I need to be sure I am sending them enough food!

*This didn’t work because they do not specifically talk about how they feel about or uses this specific product. They also do not clearly state how their content will come to life. The client does not know what they will do or say about the product. The client wants to almost visualize what your content will look like.

Question Asked: Reeses has a new product! New flavors and sizes! What creative idea do you have to showcase this new product to your readers? 

I love reeces peaut butters cups.

*This didn’t work because this person doesn’t give us any insight into what they will do with the peanut butter cups, why they are a fit for this campaign, or how they can benefit the brand. This is not a pitch. It is a statement. The product is also misspelled.

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